The Science of Gratitude

 ISHAR is proud to present a new interactive map, courtesy of Kumu, to navigate the research into gratitude, a topic that encompasses many different disciplines. Scientifically, gratitude arises from not only receiving help from others but also the habitual appreciation of the positive aspects of life. Research into gratitude and well-being has linked gratitude and psychopathology, personality, relationships, health, subjective and eudemonic well-being, and better functioning. Gratitude is strongly connected to well-being, in every definition, and this connection may well go both ways.


Now you can explore the articles, publications, and connections of gratitude research yourself. The small blue points are publications, the larger points articles, and every article point contains the information of the related research in the viewing pane on the left. You can also customize the connections and filter the results, with tens of thousands of datapoints buried into this map for you to discover via the settings button on the right. See below:




ISHAR Gratitude Research Map