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Menopause (New York, N.Y.)

OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to evaluate the psychometric properties of the Menopause-Specific Quality of Life Questionnaire (MENQOL) in a sample of breast cancer survivors experiencing menopausal symptoms. METHODS: This was a secondary analysis of MENQOL psychometric data from two larger parent studies investigating acupuncture for the relief of menopausal symptoms among breast cancer survivors.

Radtke, Jill V.
Terhorst, Lauren
Cohen, Susan M.
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Neurochemical Research

Although studies demonstrate that electroacupuncture (EA) alleviates the sensory dimension of pain, they have not addressed EA's effect on the affective dimension. An inflammatory pain rat model, produced by a complete Freund adjuvant (CFA) injection into the hind paw, was combined with a conditioned place avoidance test to determine EA's effects and its underpinning mechanism on the affective dimension of pain. CFA-injected rats showed place aversion, i.e.

Zhang, Yu
Meng, Xianze
Li, Aihui
Xin, Jiajia
Berman, Brian M.
Lao, Lixing
Tan, Ming
Ren, Ke
Zhang, Rui-Xin
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Forschende Komplementärmedizin (2006)

As a complementary medical procedure, acupuncture has a significant impact on the treatment of acute and chronic pain. Though the physiological mechanisms behind this method are still unclear, acupuncture has been claimed to rely also on changes in the central nervous system. Recent functional imaging studies indicate that the so-called default mode network (DMN) which consists of cortical midline structures and lateral parietal regions plays an important role in these processes. This brief overview describes the effects of analgesic acupuncture on the DMN architecture.

Otti, Alexander
Noll-Hussong, Michael
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BACKGROUND: Chronic back pain continues to be a costly and prevalent condition. The latest NICE guidelines issued in 2009 state that for patients with persistent back pain (of between six weeks and twelve months duration), who are highly distressed and/or disabled and for whom exercise, manual therapy and acupuncture has not been beneficial, the evidence supports a combination of around 100 hours of combined physical and psychological treatment. This is costly, and may prove unacceptable to many patients.

Pincus, Tamar
Anwar, Shamaila
McCracken, Lance
McGregor, Alison
Graham, Liz
Collinson, Michelle
Farrin, Amanda J.
OBI Trial Management Team
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Acupuncture in Medicine: Journal of the British Medical Acupuncture Society

OBJECTIVE: While needle acupuncture is a well-accepted technique, laser acupuncture is being increasingly used in clinical practice. The differential effects of the two techniques are of interest. We examine this in relation to brain effects of activation of LR8, a putative acupuncture point for depression, using functional MRI (fMRI). METHODS: Sixteen healthy participants were randomised to receive low intensity laser acupuncture to LR8 on one side and needle acupuncture to the contralateral LR8. Stimulation was in an on-off block design and brain patterns were recorded under fMRI.

Quah-Smith, Im
Williams, Mark A.
Lundeberg, Thomas
Suo, Chao
Sachdev, Perminder


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