Aminobiphenyl Compounds

Publication Title: 
Clinical Cancer Research: An Official Journal of the American Association for Cancer Research

Alteration of actin polymerization and loss of actin filaments is a marker of cellular dedifferentiation and early malignant transformation. To study this phenomenon, an in vitro human urothelial model consisting of two cell lines, HUC-PC and MC-T11, were incorporated into the study design. These two cell lines have different malignant transformation potential. The effect of green tea extract (GTE), a potential anticancer agent, on actin remodeling was investigated.

Lu, Qing-Yi
Jin, Yu-Sheng
Pantuck, Allan
Zhang, Zuo-Feng
Heber, David
Belldegrun, Arie
Brooks, Mai
Figlin, Robert
Rao, Jianyu
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