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Phytotherapy research: PTR

We report the effects on the central nervous system (CNS) and on analgesic activity of an aqueous extract of Cistus populifolius L. The extract was assayed for effects on spontaneous locomotor activity, methylphenidate-induced hypermotility, motor coordination, exploratory behaviour, rectal temperature and sodium pentobarbital-induced hypnosis. Analgesic activity was evaluated using the hot plate test. The C.

de Andrés, A. I.
Gómez-Serranillos, M. P.
Iglesias, I.
Villar, A. M.
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Loitman, J. E.
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The general pharmacological properties of YJA 20379-1 (2-amino-4,5-dihydro-8-phenylimidazo[2,1-b]thiazolo[4,5-g]benzo thi azole), a novel proton pump inhibitor with antiulcer activities, were investigated in mice, rats, guinea pig and rabbits. YJA 20379-1 at oral doses of 50, 100 and 200 mg/kg did not affect the general behaviour, hexobarbital hypnosis, motor coordination and body temperature in mice. The drug does not have analgesic and anticonvulsant action at 200 mg/kg p.o. The locomotor activity was not affected at 100 mg/kg p.o., but at 200 mg/kg, the activity was suppressed.

Lee, E. B.
Cho, S. I.
Cheon, S. A.
Chang, M. S.
Kim, K. B.
Sohn, S. K.
Chung, Y. K.
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Bulletin Et Mémoires De l'Académie Royale De Médecine De Belgique

Since 1992, we have used hypnosis routinely in more than 1400 procedures in plastic surgery. Our clinical success and experience with this technique led us to test wether hypnosis using active patient collaboration, could be used as an effective adjunct to conscious intravenous sedation ("hypnosedation", (HS)) for endocrine surgery, as an alternative to general anaesthesia. On a total of 1905 cervical endocrine surgical procedures performed between 1995 and 1998, 296 thyroidectomies and 33 cervical explorations for hyperparathyroidism were conducted under HS.

Meurisse, M.
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European Journal of Pharmacology

In previous studies using Fos expression as a marker of neuronal activation, we showed that nitrous oxide (N(2)O) activates bulbospinal noradrenergic neurons in rats and that destruction of these neuronal pathways leads to loss of N(2)O antinociceptive action. Based on previous rat studies it has been proposed that these noradrenergic neurons are activated through opioid receptors through the release of endogenous opioid ligands in the periaqueductal gray.

Kingery, W. S.
Sawamura, S.
Agashe, G. S.
Davies, M. F.
Clark, J. D.
Zimmer, A.
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Burns: Journal of the International Society for Burn Injuries

A prospective study was designed to compare two psychological support interventions in controlling peri-dressing change pain and anxiety in severely burned patients. Thirty patients with a total burned surface area of 10-25%, requiring a hospital stay of at least 14 days, were randomised to receive either hypnosis or stress reducing strategies (SRS) adjunctively to routine intramuscular pre-dressing change analgesia and anxiolytic drugs.

Frenay, M. C.
Faymonville, M. E.
Devlieger, S.
Albert, A.
Vanderkelen, A.
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European Journal of Pain (London, England)

The present study investigates the effectiveness of Erikson hypnosis and Jacobson relaxation for the reduction of osteoarthritis pain. Participants reporting pain from hip or knee osteoarthritis were randomly assigned to one of the following conditions: (a) hypnosis (i.e. standardized eight-session hypnosis treatment); (b) relaxation (i.e. standardized eight sessions of Jacobson's relaxation treatment); (c) control (i.e. waiting list).

Gay, Marie-Claire
Philippot, Pierre
Luminet, Olivier
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Pennsylvania Dental Journal

This article discusses various alternative methods of treating the patient who encounters problems with local anesthetics. Those alternative methods include: acupuncture, hypnosis, sedation, general anesthesia, and antihistamines as a substitute for local anesthetics with more of a focus in using antihistamines as an effective local anesthetic agent. Although not frequently encountered in the clinical setting, allergic reactions to local anesthetics do occur.

Lu, Dominic P.
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Over 60% of surgery is now performed in an ambulatory setting. Despite improved analgesics and sophisticated drug delivery systems, surveys indicate that over 80% of patients experience moderate to severe pain postoperatively. Inadequate postoperative pain relief can prolong recovery, precipitate or increase the duration of hospital stay, increase healthcare costs, and reduce patient satisfaction. Effective postoperative pain management involves a multimodal approach and the use of various drugs with different mechanisms of action.

Shang, Allan B.
Gan, Tong J.
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Schmerz (Berlin, Germany)
Häuser, W.


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