Publication Title: 
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

Four experiments tested the hypothesis that concerns about infidelity would lead people, particularly those displaying high chronic levels of romantic jealousy, to display a functionally coordinated set of implicit cognitive biases aimed at vigilantly processing attractive romantic rivals.

Maner, Jon K.
Miller, Saul L.
Rouby, D. Aaron
Gailliot, Matthew T.
Publication Title: 
Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Fifty-three college-aged same- and mixed-sex romantic couples (83% White, 63% female, mean age, 20.8) engaged in a video recall task in which they rated their own and their partners' behaviors and emotions. Females reported feeling more connected to partners and reported fewer negative behaviors than males. Females with male partners reported the highest feelings of connection and the fewest negative behaviors. Males with male partners reported the lowest connection and most negative behaviors.

Darling, Nancy
Clarke, Sara A.
Publication Title: 
Personality & Social Psychology Bulletin

This article examines cognitive links between romantic love and creativity and between sexual desire and analytic thought based on construal level theory. It suggests that when in love, people typically focus on a long-term perspective, which should enhance holistic thinking and thereby creative thought, whereas when experiencing sexual encounters, they focus on the present and on concrete details enhancing analytic thinking.

Fˆrster, Jens
Epstude, Kai
Ozelsel, Amina
Publication Title: 
Emotion (Washington, D.C.)

Does the influence of close relationships pervade so deeply as to impact visual awareness? Results from two experiments involving heterosexual romantic couples suggest that they do. Female partners from each couple performed a rapid detection task where negative emotional distractors typically disrupt visual awareness of subsequent targets; at the same time, their male partners rated attractiveness first of landscapes, then of photos of other women.

Most, Steven B.
Laurenceau, Jean-Philippe
Graber, Elana
Belcher, Amber
Smith, C. Veronica
Publication Title: 
Behaviour Research and Therapy

Decentering has been proposed as a potential mechanism of mindfulness-based interventions but has received limited empirical examination to date in experimental studies comparing mindfulness meditation to active comparison conditions. In the present study, we compared the immediate effects of mindful breathing (MB) to two alternative stress-management techniques: progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) and loving-kindness meditation (LKM) to test whether decentering is unique to mindfulness meditation or common across approaches.

Feldman, Greg
Greeson, Jeff
Senville, Joanna
Publication Title: 
Journal of Religion and Health

This paper develops an integration of psychoanalytic and wisdom tradition concepts to answer the question as to why nature does not turn off neurosis, The proposed answer is that nature wants a person to exploit the neurosis for two gains, one being the increase in adaptive capacity resulting from releasing it and the second involving the difficulty in the release itself, the latter related to gains proffered by the world's wisdom traditions.

Badalamenti, Anthony F.
Publication Title: 
The Journal of Social Psychology

A widely held belief exists that women are more romantic and tend to fall in love faster than men. Responses from 172 college students indicated that although both men and women believe that women will fall in love and say "I love you" first in a relationship, men reported falling in love earlier and expressing it earlier than women reported. Analyses also showed no sex differences in attitudinal responses to items about love and romance.

Harrison, Marissa A.
Shortall, Jennifer C.
Publication Title: 
Family Process

Parenting an LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer) identified child presents unique opportunities for growth and development. This study focused on self-reported perceptions of the positive aspects of being the parent of an LGBTQ child. Participants (N = 142) were mothers (83.8%) and fathers (16.2%) of LGBTQ identified individuals who responded to an open-ended online survey.

Gonzalez, Kirsten A.
Rostosky, Sharon S.
Odom, Robert D.
Riggle, Ellen D. B.
Publication Title: 
Issues in Mental Health Nursing

Despite physical, emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse from their partner, many women remain in an abusive relationship, often proclaiming to love the one who is hurting them. Nineteen females who had experienced intimate partner violence were interviewed and asked to share their experiences and describe their meaning of love. An analysis of the transcripts was done using qualitative content analysis.

Smith, Marilyn
Nunley, Barbara
Martin, Evelyn
Publication Title: 
Psychotherapy (Chicago, Ill.)

Interventions from Functional Analytic Psychotherapy focus on what happens in-session between clients and therapists to create more intense and curative therapeutic relationships. The methods described--being aware of clients' clinically relevant behaviors, being courageous in evoking clinically relevant behaviors, reinforcing improvements with therapeutic love, and using behavioral interpretations to help clients generalize changes to daily life--point to compelling directions in personal growth and change for both clients and therapists.

Tsai, Mavis
Callaghan, Glenn M.
Kohlenberg, Robert J.


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