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Journal of Pain & Palliative Care Pharmacotherapy

Exploring the spiritual and psychological realms is more difficult than simply addressing the physical dimension of palliative care. Knowing oneself is essential to align one's work within the hospice philosophy. Giving and receiving love are equally important. This case study examines importance of self-awareness in managing escalating suffering at the end of life.

Goswami, Dinesh Chandra
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Telemedicine Journal and E-Health: The Official Journal of the American Telemedicine Association

OBJECTIVE: The objectives of this study are (1) to establish a ubiquitous healthcare (u-healthcare) center for those who wish to use u-healthcare, allowing them to experience the service, and (2) to evaluate the users' awareness and expectations of the service based on their overall assessment. MATERIALS AND METHODS: To establish the u-healthcare center, a kiosk, devices for health checkup, a body-type examination system, and a physical fitness assessment system were installed. Also, a u-healthcare Web site was developed.

Youm, Sekyoung
Park, Seung-Hun
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Explore (New York, N.Y.)

An extensive review of both quantitative and qualitative literature reveals numerous connections between mindfulness practice and psychological well-being. Dancing Mindfulness, as a holistic wellness practice, is a creative approach to mindfulness meditation that draws on dance as the vehicle for engaging in the ancient practice characterized by non-judgment, loving kindness, and present-centered awareness.

Marich, Jamie
Howell, Terra
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Transplantation Proceedings

BACKGROUND: The increasing number of patients requiring transplantation has brought about a shortage of donor kidneys. Incentives can potentially improve organ donation. There is a need to know if the public can accept incentivized organ donation. OBJECTIVES: To evaluate knowledge and opinions on organ donation and compensating the donor/donor family and to determine factors affecting consent. METHODS: The third survey in 2009 covered 15 regions, 29 provinces, and 14 cities in the National Capital Region. There were 1500 respondents interviewed using a structured questionnaire.

Danguilan, R. A.
De Belen-Uriarte, R.
Jorge, S. L.
Lesaca, R. J.
Amarillo, M. L. L.
Ampil, R. S.
Ona, E. T.
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The American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis

We live in a global village, comprised of people with diverse cultural and religious orientations. How do we integrate these different beliefs and values into our clinical practice? Mindfulness-based psychotherapy (MBP), an evidence-based psychological intervention, provides a secular template for assimilating various cultural beliefs and wisdoms in therapies. MBP represents a cross-fertilization between Western psychological practice and Eastern meditative disciplines.

Alladin, Assen
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Qualitative Health Research

This study is a secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trial that tested the effects of a gratitude intervention on well-being in a sample of individuals in outpatient treatment for alcohol use disorder (AUD). Follow-up qualitative interviews unexpectedly revealed that participants found the Positive and Negative Affect Schedule (PANAS) to be helpful to their recovery in the ways that it asked them to identify and rate their emotions.

Krentzman, Amy R.
Higgins, Margaret M.
Staller, Karen M.
Klatt, Emily S.
Publication Title: 
American Journal of Psychoanalysis

Ferenczi, in his psychoanalytic classic on the ontogenesis (development in the individual) of the interest in money, without designating it as such, traced a phylogenetic or evolutionary sequence that took us by a series of transformations from the anal-cloacal erotism of valuation of a fecal body product (the infant's love of feces) to deodorized (like mud), dehydrated (like sand), decolorized, hardened, smooth (like stones and buttons) fecal substitutes that finally as coins are made to shine.

Forrest, D. V.
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PloS One

Adults frequently employ reputation-enhancing strategies when engaging in prosocial acts, behaving more generously when their actions are likely to be witnessed by others and even more so when the extent of their generosity is made public. This study examined the developmental origins of sensitivity to cues associated with reputationally motivated prosociality by presenting five-year-olds with the option to provide one or four stickers to a familiar peer recipient at no cost to themselves.

Leimgruber, Kristin L.
Shaw, Alex
Santos, Laurie R.
Olson, Kristina R.
Publication Title: 
Social Science & Medicine (1982)

In this paper, a survey is conducted to study the attitudes of Hong Kong residents towards organ donation after death. It is found that 60.3% of the respondents are willing to donate organs, which is comparable to those cited in the literature. The results also indicate that the willingness to donate is related to age, occupation and attitude. A factor analysis of attitudes yielded four factors, including form of burial, altruism, lack of understanding on organ donation and lack of confidence in professional conduct of medical doctors.

Yeung, I.
Kong, S. H.
Lee, J.
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Emotion (Washington, D.C.)

The study of emotional signaling has focused almost exclusively on the face and voice. In 2 studies, the authors investigated whether people can identify emotions from the experience of being touched by a stranger on the arm (without seeing the touch). In the 3rd study, they investigated whether observers can identify emotions from watching someone being touched on the arm. Two kinds of evidence suggest that humans can communicate numerous emotions with touch.

Hertenstein, Matthew J.
Keltner, Dacher
App, Betsy
Bulleit, Brittany A.
Jaskolka, Ariane R.


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