Biological Specimen Banks

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New Genetics and Society

This article considers how we should frame the ethical issues raised by current proposals for large-scale genebanks with on-going links to medical and lifestyle data, such as the Wellcome Trust and Medical Research Council's 'UK Biobank'. As recent scandals such as Alder Hey have emphasised, there are complex issues concerning the informed consent of donors that need to be carefully considered.

Williams, Garrath
Schroeder, Doris
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Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences

Concern about the ethics of clinical drug trials research on patients and healthy volunteers has been the subject of significant ethical analysis and policy development--protocols are reviewed by Research Ethics Committees and subjects are protected by informed consent procedures. More recently attention has begun to be focused on DNA banking for clinical and pharmacogenetics research.

Corrigan, Oonagh P.
Williams-Jones, Bryn
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Urologic Oncology

OBJECTIVES: Collection of clinical data and associated tissue samples has become an essential tool for oncologic research. Since 1990, efforts have been ongoing to implement prospective documentation of all oncologic cases in our department accompanied by a special aftercare program ensuring regular visits and reliable data acquisition. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Our prospective database comprises a total of 6,567 cases covering all types of urologic malignancies: prostate (40.7%), renal (30.5%), urothelial (21.8%), testicular (5.8%), penile (0.8%), and other (0.4%).

Huber, Johannes
Herpel, Esther
Jakobi, Hildegard
Hadaschik, Boris A.
Pahernik, Sascha
Hohenfellner, Markus
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AIDS (London, England)

The review explores the field of biobanking as it has evolved from a simple collection of frozen specimens to the virtual biobank. Biorepository and biospecimen science has evolved in response to the changing landscape of external regulatory pressures, the advances made in the biological sciences, and the advent of the computer chip. Biospecimen banking is a growing enterprise crucial to health science research and other biological sciences.

De Souza, Yvonne G.
Greenspan, John S.
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Genetics and molecular research: GMR

Oenocarpus mapora is an Amazonian palm species commonly used by native populations for food and in folk medicine. We measured genetic variability, using RAPD markers, of material kept in a germplasm bank composed of accessions sampled from the Brazilian Amazon. These included 74 individuals from 23 accessions sampled from 9 localities in three States of the Brazilian Amazon. Jaccard genetic similarities were calculated based on 137 polymorphic bands, amplified by 15 primers.

Moura, E. F.
de Oliveira, M. S. P.
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