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American Journal of Public Health

As Catholic-owned hospitals merge with or take over other facilities, they impose restrictions on reproductive health services, including abortion and contraceptive services. Our interviews with US obstetrician-gynecologists working in Catholic-owned hospitals revealed that they are also restricted in managing miscarriages. Catholic-owned hospital ethics committees denied approval of uterine evacuation while fetal heart tones were still present, forcing physicians to delay care or transport miscarrying patients to non-Catholic-owned facilities.

Freedman, Lori R.
Landy, Uta
Steinauer, Jody
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Acta Bio-Medica De L'Ateneo Parmense: Organo Della Società Di Medicina E Scienze Naturali Di Parma

The need for analgesia to overcome pain in labour is highly requested by women today. Various ways either non pharmachologic e.g. Emotional sustain, psycho-prophylactic preparation, yoga and hypnosis or pharmachologic such as epidural blockade or parenteral are used. Therefore in our study we evaluated the efficacy and tolerability of the two opioids usually used today in parenteral analgesia to reduce pain during labour: Tramadol and Meperidine. We studied two groups of patients each made up of 20 women in labour, all at term and with a physiologic course of pregnancy. 75 mg i.m.

Fieni, S.
Angeri, F.
Kaihura, C. T.
Ricci, L.
Bedocchi, L.
Galanti, B.
Rossi, T.
Benassi, G.
Benassi, L.
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Zeitschrift Für Geburtshilfe Und Neonatologie

BACKGROUND: The aim of this study was to determine whether there are any changes in short time variation (STV), foetal movements, and blood flow in the umbilical artery in the trance state. METHODS: Six pregnant patients who had already attended two hypnoreflexogenous birth preparation course units had a standardised hypnosis intervention under cardiotocography (CTG). Using the CTG-Player ((R)) STVs and foetal movements were calculated from the electronically saved CTG traces and evaluated against control CTGs recorded before and after hypnosis.

Reinhard, J.
Hüsken-Janssen, H.
Hatzmann, H.
Schiermeier, S.
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Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (New York, N.Y.)

OBJECTIVES: Moxibustion, a Traditional Chinese Medicine technique related to acupuncture, was proposed to facilitate cephalic version of breech presentation. Several trials were conducted to evaluate the efficacy, but there are few reports on the safety of moxibustion. Our objective was to assess the side-effects and acceptability of this intervention. DESIGN: We are conducting a randomized controlled trial to evaluate the efficacy of moxibustion for breech version. The first 12 participants randomized in the moxibustion group had additional fetal surveillance by electronic monitoring.

Guittier, Marie-Julia
Klein, Tamara Jauch
Dong, Hongguang
Andreoli, Nicole
Irion, Olivier
Boulvain, Michel
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