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Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

BACKGROUND: Interleukin 13 (IL-13) is upregulated in ulcerative colitis (UC) and increases colon epithelial permeability by inducing apoptosis and expression of the pore-forming tight junction protein claudin-2. IL-13 induces activation of signal transducer and activator of transcription 6 (STAT6). However, the STAT6 phosphorylation status in patients with UC is unknown, as is the effect of STAT6 inhibition on colonic epithelium exposed to IL-13.

Rosen, Michael J.
Frey, Mark R.
Washington, M. Kay
Chaturvedi, Rupesh
Kuhnhein, Lindsay A.
Matta, Poojitha
Revetta, Frank L.
Wilson, Keith T.
Polk, D. Brent
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Claudin-2 is a unique member of the claudin family of transmembrane proteins, as its expression is restricted to the leaky epithelium in vivo and correlates with epithelial leakiness in vitro. However, recent evidence suggests potential functions of claudin-2 that are relevant to neoplastic transformation and growth. In accordance, here we report, on the basis of analysis of mRNA and protein expression using a total of 309 patient samples that claudin-2 expression is significantly increased in colorectal cancer and correlates with cancer progression.

Dhawan, P.
Ahmad, R.
Chaturvedi, R.
Smith, J. J.
Midha, R.
Mittal, M. K.
Krishnan, M.
Chen, X.
Eschrich, S.
Yeatman, T. J.
Harris, R. C.
Washington, M. K.
Wilson, K. T.
Beauchamp, R. D.
Singh, A. B.
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American Journal of Physiology. Renal Physiology

Aging is associated with an increased incidence and severity of acute renal failure. However, the molecular mechanism underlying the increased susceptibility to injury remains undefined. These experiments were designed to investigate the influence of age on the response of the kidney to ischemic injury and to identify candidate genes that may mediate this response. Renal slices prepared from young (5 mo), aged ad libitum (aged-AL; 24 mo), and aged caloric-restricted (aged-CR; 24 mo) male Fischer 344 rats were subjected to ischemic stress (100% N(2)) for 0-60 min.

Chen, G.
Bridenbaugh, E. A.
Akintola, A. D.
Catania, J. M.
Vaidya, V. S.
Bonventre, J. V.
Dearman, A. C.
Sampson, H. W.
Zawieja, D. C.
Burghardt, R. C.
Parrish, A. R.
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