Codependency (Psychology)

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Journal of Affective Disorders

Some patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) exhibit an unsatisfactory reduction in symptom severity despite being treated with all the available therapeutic alternatives. The clinical variables associated with treatment-refractoriness in OCD are inconsistently described in the literature. METHODS: To investigate factors associated with treatment-refractoriness of patients with OCD, we conducted a case-control study, comparing 23 patients with treatment-refractory OCD to 26 patients with treatment-responding OCD.

Ferr„o, Ygor A.
Shavitt, Roseli G.
Bedin, N·dia R.
de Mathis, Maria EugÍnia
Carlos Lopes, AntÙnio
Fontenelle, Leonardo F.
Torres, Albina R.
Miguel, EurÌpedes C.
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Eating and weight disorders: EWD

Eating Disorders are very widespread within the adolescent population. A possible interpretation and the comprehension of such forms of psychopathology may revolve around the failure to develop a well-defined personal identity, an incapacity to achieve a sense of differentiation with respect to others, an incapacity to measure oneself against others, dependence on others, the fear of rejection and a sense of inadequacy.

Cozzi, F.
Ostuzzi, R.
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