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BMC medical ethics

BACKGROUND: Extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation has been introduced to clinical practice for several decades. It is unclear how internet and newspapers portray the use of extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation.

Chen, Yen-Yuan
Chen, Likwang
Kao, Yu-Hui
Chu, Tzong-Shinn
Huang, Tien-Shang
Ko, Wen-Je
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JAMA oncology

IMPORTANCE: Information regarding treatment options and prognosis is essential for patient decision making. Patient perception of physicians as being less compassionate when they deliver bad news might be a contributor to physicians' reluctance in delivering these types of communication.

Tanco, Kimberson
Rhondali, Wadih
Perez-Cruz, Pedro
Tanzi, Silvia
Chisholm, Gary B.
Baile, Walter
Frisbee-Hume, Susan
Williams, Janet
Masino, Charles
Cantu, Hilda
Sisson, Amy
Arthur, Joseph
Bruera, Eduardo
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Journal of Critical Care

PURPOSE: To explore the effect of emotion priming and physician communication behaviors on optimism bias. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We conducted a 5 ◊ 2 between-subject randomized factorial experiment using a Web-based interactive video designed to simulate a family meeting for a critically ill spouse/parent. Eligibility included age at least 35 years and self-identifying as the surrogate for a spouse/parent. The primary outcome was the surrogate's election of code status.

Patel, Dev
Cohen, Elan D.
Barnato, Amber E.
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Journal of Communication Disorders

Two tapes of six emotions (anger, fear, sadness, contentment, happiness, love) recorded by child and adult speakers were played to child and adult listeners to determine whether (a) each group of listeners responds more accurately to positive or negative emotions; (b) each group of speakers communicates positive or negative emotions more accurately; (c-g) there were specific ways in which children adn adults differ in accuracy of perceiving and communicating the six emotions studied. Two hundred and ten white, male, middle-class Ss were used.

Fenster, C. A.
Blake, L. K.
Goldstein, A. M.
Publication Title: 
Archives of Sexual Behavior

A battery of five paper and pencil questionnaires designed to measure empirically 10 specific skills hypothesized to be involved in effective interpersonal communication was employed to assess the pre- and post-therapy levels of these skills in couples undergoing treatment for sexual dysfunction at the Masters & Johnson Institute in St. Louis, Missouri.

Tullman, G. M.
Gilner, F. H.
Kolodny, R. C.
Dornbush, R. L.
Tullman, G. D.
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This study questions the findings of most research claiming that teenage pregnancies are generally unwanted, unplanned and unintended. It starts with the question of why most sexually active teenagers put themselves at risk of becoming pregnant if they do not desire it. The hypothesis is that sentiments of "love" and "aspirations for marriage" are related to starting sexual activity and subsequent pregnancy. The sample is 123 school-age mothers.

Scott, J. W.
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Archives of Sexual Behavior

The expression of sexuality in best-selling novels and major motion pictures was examined. There are two reasons that such stimuli merit systematic analysis. First and foremost is the finding that best-selling novels and major motion pictures exist as a primary source of sexual information. Of equal importance, however, is the need to examine such stimuli for myths and fallacies. The novels and films analyzed in the present study were selected from the last years of three consecutive decades: 1959, 1969, and 1979.

Abramson, P. R.
Mechanic, M. B.
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The Nursing Clinics of North America

Diversity of spiritual beliefs and practice is respected as guidelines and practical interventions for the nurse providing spiritual support are presented. Spirituality and spiritual support are defined, and four areas of spiritual needs of dying clients are identified. Interdisciplinary collaboration is also discussed.

Conrad, N. L.
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Family Practice

Eighty-four male patients with a mean age of 56.4 years (range 34 to 65 years) were subjected to a semi-structured interview 12-21 weeks after acute myocardial infarction in order to elucidate possible positive changes in family or spouse relationships induced by or following on from the disease. There were appreciable positive alterations in the love and caring domains and in communication, especially in those patients (one third of the total) who considered their total life situation to be improved after the myocardial infarction.

Laerum, E.
Johnsen, N.
Smith, P.
Larsen, S.
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Journal of Gerontology

Further knowledge of the nature and significance of the relationships of elderly persons to their adult children requires the application of social support scales tapping the quality and content of their interactions. Scaling efforts must further address conceptual and operational specification, the differentiation of sources and dimensions of support, the objectification of self-report scales, and construct validity. Respondents to this survey are a community, stratified probability sample of adults aged 50 and older (N = 1,174).

Dean, A.
Kolody, B.
Wood, P.
Ensel, W. M.


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