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Servir (Lisbon, Portugal)
Bernardo, F.
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Family Process

The focus of this article is on the link among theory, process, and outcome in the practice of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples. We describe the EFT model of change and the EFT perspective on adult love as the reflection of underlying attachment processes. We outline the manner in which theory and research inform EFT interventions. This leads into a detailed review of the literature on the processes of change in EFT. We highlight the client responses and therapist operations that have emerged from process research and their relation to treatment outcomes.

Greenman, Paul S.
Johnson, Susan M.
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Journal of Clinical Psychology

OBJECTIVE: The current study investigates the relationship between romantic attachment style and depressive symptoms between both members of pregnant adolescent and young adult couples. METHOD: Participants were 296 pregnant young females (mean age = 18.7) and their male partners (mean age = 21.3; 592 total participants) who were recruited from obstetrics and gynecology clinics in Connecticut. The dimensions of avoidant and anxious romantic attachment were assessed using the Experiences in Close Relationships Inventory.

Desrosiers, Alethea
Sipsma, Heather
Callands, Tamora
Hansen, Nathan
Divney, Anna
Magriples, Urania
Kershaw, Trace
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Journal of Family Psychology

This study examined the relation between marital satisfaction and religious holiday ritual practices. 120 couples, married 9 years on average, completed measures of religious holiday practices (current family and family-of-origin) and marital satisfaction. Couples were interviewed about how important religion was to their family life. Marital satisfaction was related to religious holiday rituals beyond a global indication of religiousness.

Fiese, Barbara H.
Tomcho, Thomas J.
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