Cultured Milk Products

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La Revue De Médecine Interne / Fondée ... Par La Société Nationale Francaise De Médecine Interne

INTRODUCTION: Current unusual environmental sources of lead exposure mainly include traditional medicines, either ayurvedic remedies or others, traditional cosmetics (kohl, surma), and the use of traditional earthenware, for storage or cooking. CASE REPORTS: We report two cases of lead poisoning in adults initially identified by paroxysmal abdominal pain or anemia.

Sabouraud, S.
Coppéré, B.
Rousseau, C.
Testud, F.
Pulce, C.
Tholly, F.
Blanc, M.
Culoma, F.
Facchin, A.
Ninet, J.
Chambon, P.
Medina, B.
Descotes, J.
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Journal of Ethnopharmacology

ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE: Lauha bhasma (iron ash) is one of the iron-based herbo-metallic preparations used in Ayurvedic medicine for treating various ailments due to iron deficiency. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The preparation of Lauha bhasma (iron ash) requires normal purification (heat treatment in vegetable and animal products), special purification (treatment with herbal constituents) and calcination steps aimed at converting the raw material to a suitable therapeutic form.

Krishnamachary, Balaji
Rajendran, Narendran
Pemiah, Brindha
Krishnaswamy, Sridharan
Krishnan, Uma Maheswari
Sethuraman, Swaminathan
Sekar, Rajan K.
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