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Forschende Komplementarmedizin Und Klassische Naturheilkunde = Research in Complementary and Natural Classical Medicine

Distant healing is one of the most controversially discussed methods of complementary medicine. In the first section this paper outlines the history of spiritual healing and describes some possible definitions and different methods of spiritual healing. Based on a literature search in Medline, EMBASE, Current Contents, Allied and Complementary Medicine Database (AMED) as well as a manual tracking, current distant healing studies (excluding therapeutic touch studies) (n = 16) and some review articles (n = 6) are outlined in the second section.

Ebneter, M.
Binder, M.
Saller, R.
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Annals of Internal Medicine

PURPOSE: To conduct a systematic review of the available data on the efficacy of any form of "distant healing" (prayer, mental healing, Therapeutic Touch, or spiritual healing) as treatment for any medical condition. DATA SOURCES: Studies were identified by an electronic search of the MEDLINE, PsychLIT, EMBASE, CISCOM, and Cochrane Library databases from their inception to the end of 1999 and by contact with researchers in the field.

Astin, J. A.
Harkness, E.
Ernst, E.
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