Hospital Bed Capacity

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Inquiry: A Journal of Medical Care Organization, Provision and Financing

Catholic hospitals maintain a significant presence in delivering hospital services in the United States, but little is known about the ways they differ from other ownership forms in similar market environments. This paper analyzes characteristics of Catholic, other private nonprofit, and investor-owned hospitals in metropolitan areas of the United States to identify the extent to which Catholic hospitals differ from other ownership types on three dimensions of mission-driven identity--access, stigmatized, and compassionate care services.

White, K. R.
Begun, J. W.
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Journal of Health Services Research & Policy

OBJECTIVE: There is concern about whether public services in Northern Ireland are equitably targeted across the religious divide. This study investigates whether use of acute hospital inpatient services differs by religious denomination, after adjusting for supply and for identified demographic, morbidity and socio-economic determinants of need for such services. METHODS: Hospital utilisation at small area level was modelled against a wide range of potential health and socioeconomic factors.

Jamison, Jim
O'Reilly, Dermot
Carr-Hill, Roy
Stevenson, Mike
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Community Mental Health Journal

Although the era of deinstitutionalization of the aged from state mental facilities and of the rapid growth of the nursing home industry appears to have ended, the question remains of the extent to which nursing home care is substituted for psychiatric care. To study this question, the numbers per capita of Medicaid program recipients of inpatient psychiatric care for each state in the period 1979-82 was regressed on numbers per capita of Medicaid nursing home recipients, numbers of nursing home beds per capita, and the percentage aged.

Swan, J. H.
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