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Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology

BACKGROUND: A widespread increase in the use of complementary alternative medicine (CAM) by patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) has been recognized. The aim of our study was to evaluate both the extent and the determinants of CAM use by outpatients with IBD. METHODS: Outpatients of the IBD centre at the University Hospital of Berne and patients of two gastroenterology private practices in Olten (Switzerland) completed a mailed self-administrated questionnaire regarding alternative medicine.

Quattropani, C.
Ausfeld, B.
Straumann, A.
Heer, P.
Seibold, F.
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Gynecologic and Obstetric Investigation

BACKGROUND: Classical naturopathy and complementary medicine procedures are used in all industrial countries, the only difference being the extent to which they are used. However, information pertaining to effects, safety and costs of such therapies remains incomplete. An important aim of this study was to establish to what extent women's hospitals and clinics in Germany adopt complementary medicine and naturopathy as a means of treatment and how often they are used and by whom.

Beer, A.-M.
Ostermann, Th
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Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is popular in Germany. In a consecutive survey the experiences with CAM and the need for a CAM consultation among inpatients of the departments of cardiology (CL), gastroenterology (GE), oncology (OL) and psychosomatics (PS) of the University Hospital Freiburg (FUH) were questionned. Exclusion criteria were inability to understand the questions or a Karnofsky Index < 30%. Four hundred thirty-five patients were included. Three hundred and fifty patients, 100 each in the departments of CL, GE and OL, and 50 in PS answered the questionnaires.

Huber, Roman
Koch, Dietmar
Beiser, Ines
Zschocke, Ina
Luedtke, Rainer
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Ciência & Saúde Coletiva

The objective of this article is to evaluate the use of complementary therapies by mothers in their children. A cross-sectional and descriptive study with 202 mothers of children that attended an University Hospital were interviewed. The variables analyzed were: use of complementary therapies/reasons, therapies used its purpose, effects, doctor's revelation/reasons and doctor's reaction. The prevalence of complementary therapies use was of 87.6%.

Gentil, Luiza Borges
Robles, Ana Carolina Couto
Grosseman, Suely
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BMC complementary and alternative medicine

BACKGROUND: Previous studies show an increased interest and usage of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in the general population and among health care workers both internationally and nationally. CAM usage is also reported to be common among surgical patients. Earlier international studies have reported that a large amount of surgical patients use it prior to and after surgery. Recent publications indicate a weak knowledge about CAM among health care workers. However the current situation in Sweden is unknown.

Bjerså, Kristofer
Stener Victorin, Elisabet
Fagevik Olsén, Monika
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Italian Journal of Pediatrics

OBJECTIVE: The use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) has not been widely studied among children in Italy. ISTAT-2005 survey showed a prevalence of 10% concerning children treated with CAM. The lack of data about the use of CAM in pediatrics in the South of Italy aimed us to conduct an epidemiological inquiry in Calabria.

Dolceamore, Teresa Rita
Altomare, Federica
Zurlo, Francesco
Miniero, Roberto
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Romanian Journal of Internal Medicine = Revue Roumaine De Médecine Interne

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is an invalidating condition, lacking a perfect therapy. Therefore, many patients use also complementary and alternative therapies (CAT) or psychotherapy (PT). There are no data on the use of CAT and PT in IBS in our area. We looked for this until uncovered aspect of IBS management in Romania. MATERIAL AND METHODS: 250 consecutive patients with IBS (142 F/108M, aged 49 +/- 12 years) referred to a tertiary gastroenterological center were questioned about the use of CAT and PT using a structured specially developed questionnaire.

Dumitraşcu, D. L.
Nedelcu, L.
Pop, Sorina
Blaga-Surdea, Teodora
Dadu, R. T.
Costin, Simona
Popescu, Manuela
Picos, Alina
David, Liliana
Publication Title: 
Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics

The visit characteristics of 217 children attending a chiropractic teaching clinic are described. Forty-two percent suffered from musculoskeletal complaints, 20% from nonmusculoskeletal complaints and 33% attended the clinic for general physical examination. Patients who were members of the immediate family of a student intern were more likely to attend the clinic for general physical examination or for nonmusculoskeletal complaints.

Nyiendo, J.
Olsen, E.
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OBJECTIVE: Alternative medicine (AM) is of growing interest to the general public. Although several studies have been published concerning its use in adults, the use by children is less well known. The purpose of this study is to determine the frequency with which alternative medicine is employed in a pediatric population that also uses conventional medicine. A second goal is to investigate the sociodemographic factors that influence the choice of these forms of therapy.

Spigelblatt, L.
Laîné-Ammara, G.
Pless, I. B.
Guyver, A.
Publication Title: 
Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics

OBJECTIVE: The purposes of this study were to identify the most important determinants from the patient history and clinical examination in diagnosing musculoskeletal chest pain (MSCP) in patients with acute noncardiac chest pain when supported by a structured protocol and to construct a decision tree for identification of MSCP in acute noncardiac chest pain. METHODS: Consecutive patients with noncardiac chest pain (n = 302) recruited from an emergency cardiology department were assessed.

Stochkendahl, Mette J.
Vach, Werner
Hartvigsen, Jan
Høilund-Carlsen, Poul F.
Haghfelt, Torben
Christensen, Henrik W.


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