Hybridization, Genetic

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TAG. Theoretical and applied genetics. Theoretische und angewandte Genetik

Inheritance and linkage studies were carried out with microsatellite [or simple sequence repeat (SSR)] markers in a F(1) progeny including 101 individuals of a cross between Myrobalan plum ( Prunus cerasifera Ehrh) clone P.2175 and the almond (Prunus dulcis Mill.)-peach ( Prunus persica L. Batsch) hybrid clone GN22 ["Garfi" (G) almond x "Nemared" (N) peach].

Dirlewanger, E.
Cosson, P.
Howad, W.
Capdeville, G.
Bosselut, N.
Claverie, M.
Voisin, R.
Poizat, C.
Lafargue, B.
Baron, O.
Laigret, F.
Kleinhentz, M.
Arús, P.
Esmenjaud, D.
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Journal of Molecular Evolution

Drosophila nasuta nasuta (2n = 8) and D. n. albomicans (2n = 6) are morphologically identical, cross fertile and karyotypically dissimilar pair of chromosomal races belonging to nasuta subgroup of immigrans group of Drosophila. Interracial hybridization between these two races yielded karyotypically stabilized newly evolved Cytoraces with new combinations of chromosomes and DNA content, and are called nasuta-albomicans complex of Drosophila.

Ranjini, Mysore S.
Ramachandra, Nallur B.
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Fish & Shellfish Immunology

This study compares the effects of two Lactobacillus strains, highly adhesive Lactobacillus brevis JCM 1170 (HALB) and less-adhesive Lactobacillus acidophilus JCM 1132 (LALB), on the survival and growth, adhesive gut bacterial communities, immunity, and protection against pathogenic bacterial infection in juvenile hybrid tilapia. During a 5-week feeding trial the fish were fed a diet containing 0 to 10(9) cells/g feed of the two Lactobacillus strains.

Liu, Wenshu
Ren, Pengfei
He, Suxu
Xu, Li
Yang, Yaling
Gu, Zemao
Zhou, Zhigang
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Animal Reproduction Science

Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia), a medicinal plant used in ayurveda, is well documented for its immunomodulatory properties. Since the crossbred periparturient cow is highly susceptible to various diseases that effectively reduces its reproductive performance postpartum we explored the possibility of enhancing the reproductive performance of crossbred cows by guduchi supplementation peripartum.

Mallick, Smrutirekha
Prakash, B. S.
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