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Methods in Molecular Biology (Clifton, N.J.)

Intrauterine gene therapy (IUGT) potentially enables the treatment and possible cure of monogenic -diseases that cause severe fetal damage. The main benefits of this approach will be the ability to correct the disorder before the onset of irreversible pathology and inducing central immune tolerance to the vector and transgene if treatment is instituted in early gestation.

Mattar, Citra N.
Biswas, Arijit
Choolani, Mahesh
Chan, Jerry K. Y.
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MÈdecine Sciences: M/S

Caloric restriction (CR) is the only non-genetic intervention known to date to slow the onset of age-related diseases and increase average and maximum lifespan in several species. Its interest is continually growing, particularly for the identification of mechanisms involved in increasing longevity. Unlike studies in invertebrate and rodent models have provided some indication about the mechanisms of the CR, the efficacy of CR as an anti-aging protocol in primates has not yet been fully established.

Marchal, Julia
Perret, Martine
Aujard, Fabienne
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Nature Medicine
Willyard, Cassandra
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Translational Psychiatry

Regulators of the histone H3-trimethyl lysine-4 (H3K4me3) mark are significantly associated with the genetic risk architecture of common neurodevelopmental disease, including schizophrenia and autism. Typical H3K4me3 is primarily localized in the form of sharp peaks, extending in neuronal chromatin on average only across 500-1500 base pairs mostly in close proximity to annotated transcription start sites.

Dincer, A.
Gavin, D. P.
Xu, K.
Zhang, B.
Dudley, J. T.
Schadt, E. E.
Akbarian, S.
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Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics

In order to assess the direct connections of the C2 Dorsal Root Ganglion, the right ganglion in each of three Macaca Irus Monkeys was injected with labelled 3H-leucine. After survival times of 24 hours and autoradiographic techniques, the slides were read using light and dark field microscopes and mapped onto enlarged cross sectional drawings. Results show labelling into the lateral cervical nucleus, the central cervical nucleus and caudal to C5 of the spinal cord.

Fitz-Ritson, D.
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PloS One

Electrical stimulation of the nervous system for therapeutic purposes, such as deep brain stimulation in the treatment of Parkinson's disease, has been used for decades. Recently, increased attention has focused on using microstimulation to restore functions as diverse as somatosensation and memory. However, how microstimulation changes the neural substrate is still not fully understood.

Song, Weiguo
Kerr, Cliff C.
Lytton, William W.
Francis, Joseph T.
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