Maternal-Fetal Relations

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Journal of obstetric, gynecologic, and neonatal nursing: JOGNN

OBJECTIVES: To determine what evidence exists to support the practice of viewing the deceased fetus by women terminating pregnancy for fetal anomalies. DATA SOURCES: Electronic databases searched (1966-2007) were Medline, PubMed, Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature, and Dissertation Abstracts Index. STUDY SELECTION: Literature was reviewed that either directly or parenthetically dealt with the emotional effects on women of viewing the fetus post termination of pregnancy for fetal anomalies. DATA EXTRACTION: No randomized or controlled trials were found.

Sloan, Eileen P.
Kirsh, Sharon
Mowbray, Mary
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PLoS genetics

DNA mutational events are increasingly being identified in autism spectrum disorder (ASD), but the potential additional role of dysregulation of the epigenome in the pathogenesis of the condition remains unclear. The epigenome is of interest as a possible mediator of environmental effects during development, encoding a cellular memory reflected by altered function of progeny cells. Advanced maternal age (AMA) is associated with an increased risk of having a child with ASD for reasons that are not understood.

Berko, Esther R.
Suzuki, Masako
Beren, Faygel
Lemetre, Christophe
Alaimo, Christine M.
Calder, R. Brent
Ballaban-Gil, Karen
Gounder, Batya
Kampf, Kaylee
Kirschen, Jill
Maqbool, Shahina B.
Momin, Zeineen
Reynolds, David M.
Russo, Natalie
Shulman, Lisa
Stasiek, Edyta
Tozour, Jessica
Valicenti-McDermott, Maria
Wang, Shenglong
Abrahams, Brett S.
Hargitai, Joseph
Inbar, Dov
Zhang, Zhengdong
Buxbaum, Joseph D.
Molholm, Sophie
Foxe, John J.
Marion, Robert W.
Auton, Adam
Greally, John M.
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Philosophy & Public Affairs
Ross, Steven L.
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In Life's Dominion Dworkin aims at defusing the controversy about abortion and euthanasia by redefining its terms. Basically it is not a dispute about the right to life, but about its value. Liberals should grant that human life has not only a personal, but also an intrinsic value; conservatives should accept the principle of toleration which requires to let people decide for themselves about matters of intrinsic value.

Den Hartogh, Govert
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Taehan Kanho Hakhoe Chi

PURPOSE: To examine the effect of Taegyo-focused prenatal classes on maternal-fetal attachment and self-efficacy related to childbirth. METHODS: Over 4 weeks, 49 women, 20 to 36 weeks of gestation participated in a prenatal program led by the nurse who developed it. In addition to Lamaze content it included; understanding ability of fetus to respond, sharing motivation, purpose of pregnancy, and preconceptions of experiencing childbirth, training in maternal-fetal interaction, writing letters and making a declaration of love to unborn baby.

Chang, SoonBok
Park, Somi
Chung, ChaeWeon
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BMC pregnancy and childbirth

BACKGROUND: Maternal-fetal relationships have been associated with psychosocial outcomes for women and children, but there has been a lack of conceptual clarity about the nature of the maternal relationship with the unborn child, and inconsistent findings assessing its predictors. We proposed and tested a model whereby maternal-fetal relationship quality was predicted by factors relating to the quality of the couple relationship and psychological health.

Walsh, Judi
Hepper, Erica G.
Marshall, Benjamin J.
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Addictive Behaviors

OBJECTIVE: Smoking cessation during pregnancy may reflect altruistic motives on behalf of the unborn baby. We test the hypothesis that pregnancy quitters have higher maternal-fetal attachment than persistent smokers, and secondarily explore how maternal-fetal attachment differs among non-smokers, pregnancy quitters, and persistent smokers.

Massey, Suena H.
Bublitz, Margaret H.
Magee, Susanna R.
Salisbury, Amy
Niaura, Raymond S.
Wakschlag, Lauren S.
Stroud, Laura R.
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