Motor Activity

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Diminished mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation and aerobic capacity are associated with reduced longevity. We tested whether resveratrol (RSV), which is known to extend lifespan, impacts mitochondrial function and metabolic homeostasis. Treatment of mice with RSV significantly increased their aerobic capacity, as evidenced by their increased running time and consumption of oxygen in muscle fibers.

Lagouge, Marie
Argmann, Carmen
Gerhart-Hines, Zachary
Meziane, Hamid
Lerin, Carles
Daussin, Frederic
Messadeq, Nadia
Milne, Jill
Lambert, Philip
Elliott, Peter
Geny, Bernard
Laakso, Markku
Puigserver, Pere
Auwerx, Johan
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International Journal for Vitamin and Nutrition Research. Internationale Zeitschrift F¸r Vitamin- Und Ern‰hrungsforschung. Journal International De Vitaminologie Et De Nutrition

Edible fats are important food components that enhance palatability by providing texture and enhancing flavour. They also provide essential fatty acids and fat soluble vitamins. In addition, we enjoy eating foods containing fat, but there is also a negative side; excessive consumption may not be good for health, but we still have doubts to answer the question, What are the right amounts and types of fat we should use and eat?. The consumer is now aware of the relationship between dietary fat and health, but there is a great deal of confusion.

Varela-Moreiras, G.
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Annals of Epidemiology

Although ancient thinkers suggested that physical activity is good for health, systematic research on the topic did not begin until the middle of the 20th century. Early reports showed that individuals in active occupations had lower rates of heart disease than individuals in sedentary occupations. Investigators then began to evaluate leisure-time physical activity and health and found similar results. Later research used objective measures of cardiorespiratory fitness as the exposure, and found even stronger associations with health outcomes.

Blair, Steven N.
Morris, Jeremy N.
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The Harvard Mental Health Letter / from Harvard Medical School
Miller, Michael Craig
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PloS One

Caloric restriction (CR) extends lifespan through a reduction in oxidative stress, delays the onset of morbidity and prolongs lifespan. We previously reported that long-term CR hastened clinical onset, disease progression and shortened lifespan, while transiently improving motor performance in G93A mice, a model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) that shows increased free radical production.

Patel, Barkha P.
Safdar, Adeel
Raha, Sandeep
Tarnopolsky, Mark A.
Hamadeh, Mazen J.
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Hypertension Research: Official Journal of the Japanese Society of Hypertension

Metabolic syndrome (MetS) represents a cluster of risk factors for atherosclerosis and is considered a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. The role of diet in the etiology of MetS is poorly understood, especially among Asian subjects. This cross-sectional study assessed the relationship between diet and the number of MetS components among Japanese men (n=609) and women (n=631). Mean (s.d.) age and body mass index were 57.1 (12.1) years and 22.8 (2.8) kg m(-2) for men and 55.5 (12.0) years and 22.0 (3.0) kg m(-2) for women, respectively.

Otsuka, Rei
Imai, Tomoko
Kato, Yuki
Ando, Fujiko
Shimokata, Hiroshi
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Free Radical Biology & Medicine

Oxidative stress is a prominent feature of Huntington's disease (HD) due to mitochondrial dysfunction and the ensuing overproduction of reactive oxygen species (ROS). This phenomenon ultimately contributes to cognitive and motor impairment, as well as brain pathology, especially in the striatum. Targeting the transcription of the endogenous antioxidant machinery could be a promising therapeutic approach. The NF-E2-related factor-2 (Nrf2)/antioxidant response element (ARE) signaling pathway is an important pathway involved in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory responses.

Stack, Cliona
Ho, Daniel
Wille, Elizabeth
Calingasan, Noel Y.
Williams, Charlotte
Liby, Karen
Sporn, Michael
Dumont, Magali
Beal, M. Flint
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G·likov·, Martina
Flatt, Thomas
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Research in Sports Medicine (Print)

The sirtuin family of proteins consists of seven members in mammals (SirT1-T7). Sirtuins share NAD dependency for their enzymatic activity, but some show NAD-dependent deacetylase activity, others exhibit ADP ribosyltransferase activity or both. Sirtuins have gained considerable attention due to their impact as physiological targets for treating diseases associated with aging. Sirtuins interact with metabolic pathways and may serve as entry points for drugs. This review discusses the biology of sirtuins and their potential as mediators of caloric restriction and pharmacological targets.

Lappalainen, Zekine
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Physiology & Behavior

Ketogenic diets are high in fat and low in carbohydrates, and have long been used as an anticonvulsant therapy for drug-intractable and pediatric epilepsy. Additionally, ketogenic diets have been shown to provide neuroprotective effects against acute and chronic brain injury, including beneficial effects in various rodent models of neurodegeneration. Huntington's disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disease characterized by neurological, behavioral and metabolic dysfunction, and ketogenic diets have been shown to increase energy molecules and mitochondrial function.

Ruskin, David N.
Ross, Jessica L.
Kawamura, Masahito
Ruiz, Tiffany L.
Geiger, Jonathan D.
Masino, Susan A.


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