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The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

Most malaria endemic regions are co-infested with HIV infection. Treatment of one may affect outcome of the other in co-infected individuals. HIV protease inhibitors, indinavir or nelfinavir, are important antiretroviral drugs and artemisinin is central to malaria treatment. We show these protease inhibitors augment the antimalarial activity of artemisinin against P. falciparum in vitro.

Mishra, Lokesh C.
Bhattacharya, Amit
Sharma, Manish
Bhasin, Virendra K.
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To improve prognosis in recurrent glioblastoma we developed a treatment protocol based on a combination of drugs not traditionally thought of as cytotoxic chemotherapy agents but that have a robust history of being well-tolerated and are already marketed and used for other non-cancer indications.

Kast, Richard E.
Boockvar, John A.
Brüning, Ansgar
Cappello, Francesco
Chang, Wen-Wei
Cvek, Boris
Dou, Q. Ping
Duenas-Gonzalez, Alfonso
Efferth, Thomas
Focosi, Daniele
Ghaffari, Seyed H.
Karpel-Massler, Georg
Ketola, Kirsi
Khoshnevisan, Alireza
Keizman, Daniel
Magné, Nicolas
Marosi, Christine
McDonald, Kerrie
Muñoz, Miguel
Paranjpe, Ameya
Pourgholami, Mohammad H.
Sardi, Iacopo
Sella, Avishay
Srivenugopal, Kalkunte S.
Tuccori, Marco
Wang, Weiguang
Wirtz, Christian R.
Halatsch, Marc-Eric
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Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology

HIV protease inhibitors (HIV PI) reduce morbidity and mortality of HIV infection but cause multiple untoward effects. Because certain HIV PI evoke production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and volume-sensitive Cl(-) current (I(Cl,swell)) is activated by ROS, we tested whether HIV PI stimulate I(Cl,swell) in ventricular myocytes. Ritonavir and lopinavir elicited outwardly rectifying Cl(-) currents under isosmotic conditions that were abolished by the selective I(Cl,swell)-blocker DCPIB.

Deng, Wu
Baki, Lia
Yin, Jun
Zhou, Huiping
Baumgarten, Clive M.
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AIDS treatment news
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