Nitrilotriacetic Acid

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In an effort to identify a new chemopreventive agent, the present study was conducted to investigate the role of T. chebula in the prevention of ferric nitrilotriacetic acid (Fe- NTA) induced oxidative stress and renal tumorigenesis in Wistar rats. A single application of Fe-NTA (9 mg Fe/kg body weight, intraperitoneally) significantly induced oxidative stress and elevated the marker parameters of tumor promotion. However, the pretreatment of animals with different doses of T.

Prasad, L.
Khan, T. H.
Jahangir, T.
Sultana, S.
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Rosa damascena, or Damask rose, is a rose hybrid commonly harvested for rose oil used in perfumery and for rose water used to flavor food. The petal extract of R. damascena was recently found to decrease Drosophila melanogaster mortality without impairing reproductive fitness or metabolic rate. Here, we report that R. damascena extended both mean and maximum lifespan of the fly. The extract also protected against oxidative stress in flies, predominantly in females.

Schriner, Samuel E.
Katoozi, Niki S.
Pham, Kevin Q.
Gazarian, Maral
Zarban, Asghar
Jafari, Mahtab
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