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The International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease: The Official Journal of the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease

The World Health Organization and the Revised National TB Control Programme (RNTCP) in India have advocated public-private mix as essential for tuberculosis (TB) control. We conducted a cross-sectional sample survey of private providers (with various qualifications) in Ujjain District, India, to study willingness and motivation to collaborate. Most providers were aware of the RNTCP and had referred patients there. All were willing to collaborate, although the areas for collaboration varied between urban and rural providers.

De Costa, A.
Kazmi, T.
Lˆnnroth, K.
Uplekar, M.
Diwan, V. K.
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The European journal of health economics: HEPAC: health economics in prevention and care

To curb the heavily increasing drug budgets some Danish counties have introduced voluntary agreements between general practitioners (GPs) and health authorities. We extend the models of generic prescription by Hellerstein (Rand J Econ 29(1):108-136, 1998) and Lundin (J Health Econ 19:639-662, 2000) to allow for substitution between analogues and use difference-in-difference models to assess the effect on two drug groups (lipid-lowering and rheumatism drugs). For both drug groups we find evidence of a significant effect of the intervention.

Olsen, Kim Rose
Gyrd-Hansen, Dorte
Boegh, Andreas
Hansen, Sofie Hartung
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Nursing Philosophy: An International Journal for Healthcare Professionals

Compassion unites people during times of suffering and distress. Unfortunately, compassion cannot take away suffering. Why then, is compassion important for people who suffer? Nurses work in a domain where human suffering is evidently present. In order to give meaning to compassion in the domain of professional care, it is necessary to describe what compassion is. The purpose of this paper is to explore questions and contradictions in the debate on compassion related to nursing care.

van der Cingel, Margreet
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Journal of Health Economics

This paper analyzes and compares the incentive properties of some common payment mechanisms for GPs, namely fee for service (FFS), capitation and fundholding. It focuses on gatekeeping GPs and it specifically recognizes GPs heterogeneity in both ability and altruism. It also allows inappropriate care by GPs to lead to more serious illnesses. The results are as follows. Capitation is the payment mechanism that induces the most referrals to expensive specialty care.

Allard, Marie
Jelovac, Izabela
LÈger, Pierre Thomas
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Journal of Health Economics

This paper investigates physician altruism toward patients' health benefit using behavioral data from Hennig-Schmidt et al.'s (2011) laboratory experiment. In the experiment, medical students in the role of physicians decide on the provision of medical services. The experimental setup allows us to identify the influence of profits and patients' health benefit on the choice of medical treatment.

Godager, Geir
Wiesen, Daniel
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BACKGROUND: Pragmatic randomised controlled trials (PRCTs) aim to assess intervention effectiveness by accounting for 'real life' implementation challenges in routine practice. The methodological challenges of PRCT implementation, particularly in primary care, are not well understood. The Kanyini Guidelines Adherence to Polypill study (Kanyini GAP) was a recent primary care PRCT involving multiple private general practices, Indigenous community controlled health services and private community pharmacies.

Liu, Hueiming
Massi, Luciana
Eades, Anne-Marie
Howard, Kirsten
Peiris, David
Redfern, Julie
Usherwood, Tim
Cass, Alan
Patel, Anushka
Jan, Stephen
Laba, Tracey-Lea


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