Prenatal Diagnosis

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Ethics & Medicine: A Christian Perspective on Issues in Bioethics

Catholic movements within the centre of Roman Catholic doctrine recently have discussed Trinitarian theology as applied to sciences, arts, economics, health and other social areas. We explore the possibilities Trinitarian theology offers to bioethical debate, concentrating particularly on genetic screening and testing. It is important therefore to analyse the philosophical implications of this approach onto the bioethical world, where much disagreement occurs on fundamental issues.

Mallia, Pierre
ten Have, Henk
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Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy

This paper examines whether and to what extent parents are morally bound to seek reproductive genetic testing. It is concluded that, with rare exceptions, there is no requirement in parenting to seek or accept reproductive genetic testing if the only actions facilitated by such testing are abortion, selective conception or remaining childless. Commitments to other family members or to oneself can provide other, morally or prudentially compelling reasons to elect genetic testing and selective abortion in these circumstances.

Faden, Ruth
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Chinese Medical Journal

BACKGROUND: Prenatal lead and cadmium exposure will not only influence the mother' organ systems, but also will provide an environment that may influence the fetus and neonate in a harmful way.In the present study, we detected the blood lead levels (BLLS) and cadmium levels for the duration of pregnancy and 6-12 weeks after delivery and to analyze the influencing factors of BLLs in healthy pregnant women. METHODS: A cohort study survey was carried out.

Liu, Kang-sheng
Mao, Xiao-dong
Hao, Jia-hu
Shi, Juan
Dai, Chun-fang
Chen, Wen-jun
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