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West's Pacific Reporter
California. Supreme Court
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The Diabetes Educator

PURPOSE: The purpose of this randomized controlled trial is to determine the effectiveness of an intervention led by promotoras (community lay workers) on the glycemic control, diabetes knowledge, and diabetes health beliefs of Mexican Americans with type 2 diabetes living in a major city on the Texas-Mexico border. METHODS: One hundred fifty Mexican American participants were recruited at a Catholic faith-based clinic and randomized into 2 groups. Personal characteristics, acculturation, baseline A1C level, diabetes knowledge, and diabetes health beliefs were measured.

Lujan, Josefina
Ostwald, Sharon K.
Ortiz, Melchor
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BMJ (Clinical research ed.)

OBJECTIVES: To examine the impact of a system of presumed consent for organ donation on donation rates and to review data on attitudes towards presumed consent. DESIGN: Systematic review. DATA SOURCES: Studies retrieved by online searches to January 2008 of Medline, Medline In-Process, Embase, CINAHL, PsycINFO, HMIC, PAIS International, and OpenSIGLE.

Rithalia, Amber
McDaid, Catriona
Suekarran, Sara
Myers, Lindsey
Sowden, Amanda
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Social Science Research

The Catholic Church has had a strong influence on the Chilean legal and social landscape in ways that have adversely affected victims of intimate partner violence; e.g., it succeeded until just five years ago in blocking efforts to legalize divorce. At the same time, quantitative studies based on survey data from the United States and other countries show a generally favorable influence of religion on health and many other domains of life, including intimate partner violence. The present study explores the puzzle posed by these seemingly opposing macro- and micro-level forces.

Lehrer, Evelyn L.
Lehrer, Vivian L.
Krauss, Ramona C.
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Historia, Ciencias, Saude--Manguinhos

The article analyzes the religiosity of Hansen's disease patients who lived during two distinct treatment periods of the sick: that of internment in asylums and the current practice. Ten semi-structured interviews focused on health, religion and Hansen's disease, broaching the ways the two groups faced religion. In the former inmate group, the presence of institutionalized religion was noted, which served the purposes of vigilance and isolationist therapeutics. Present day Hansen's disease patients still feel the stigmatic weight of'leprosy" in certain situations.

Mellagi, AndrÈ GonÁalves
Monteiro, Yara Nogueira
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Journal of Health Care Chaplaincy

Chaplains serving in the health care context provide a ministry to dying patients of inestimable worth as they comfort patients in the last chapter of the journey by being present, listening, and caring. Chaplains also play another important role, helping patients clarify ways in which their beliefs and values might influence health care decisions. This paper reviewed the current trends of spiritual diversity alongside the aging of a large Baby Boomer cohort.

Ai, Amy L.
McCormick, Thomas R.
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Journal of Urban Health: Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine

Although past research has extensively documented the effects of religious involvement and social integration on the health outcomes of older people, relatively little research has examined the relationship among older Africans. In this article, we examined the effects of religious affiliation and participation as well as forms of social engagement, including social support, sociability, and community participation on self-reported health. The study used data from a sample of older men and women (50 years and above) from two informal settlements in Nairobi Kenya.

Kodzi, Ivy Abla
Obeng Gyimah, Stephen
Emina, Jacques
Chika Ezeh, Alex
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Public Health Nursing (Boston, Mass.)

OBJECTIVE: Our study describes the services faith-community nurses provide to a community-dwelling sample of patients with elevated blood pressure. DESIGN AND SAMPLE: The faith-community nurses completed a survey describing services provided to study participants at each patient encounter. We describe the type of contact and the frequency and types of services provided to these patients. From October 2006 to October 2007, we conducted a partnered study with a faith-community nursing program and enrolled 100 adults with elevated blood pressure from church health fairs.

Monay, Victoria
Mangione, Carol M.
Sorrell-Thompson, Alice
Baig, Arshiya A.
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Revista Panamericana De Salud Publica = Pan American Journal of Public Health

OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study was to examine the association between the age of having one's first child in adolescence and before marriage and religious involvement in Brazil, measured by religious affiliation and frequency of attendance at religious services or masses. The objective of this study was to examine the association between the age of having one's first child in adolescence and before marriage and religious involvement in Brazil, measured by religious affiliation and frequency of attendance at religious services or masses.

Verona, Ana Paula de Andrade
Dias J˙nior, Cl·udio Santiago
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Journal of Biosocial Science

The influence of religion on health remains a subject of considerable debate both in developed and developing settings. This study examines the connection between the religious affiliation of the mother and under-five mortality in Mozambique. It uses unique retrospective survey data collected in a predominantly Christian area in Mozambique to compare under-five mortality between children of women affiliated to organized religion and children of non-affiliated women.

Cau, Boaventura M.
Sevoyan, Arusyak
Agadjanian, Victor


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