Publication Title: 
International Journal of Behavioral Medicine

PURPOSE: This systematic review aims to summarize eHealth studies with mindfulness- and relaxation-based interventions for medical conditions and to determine whether eHealth interventions have positive effects on health. METHOD: A comprehensive search of five databases was conducted for all available studies from 1990 to 2015. Studies were included if the intervention was mainly technology delivered and included a mindfulness- or relaxation-based intervention strategy and if patients with a medical condition were treated. Treatment effects were summarized for different outcomes.

Mikolasek, Michael
Berg, Jonas
Witt, Claudia M.
Barth, Jürgen
Publication Title: 
Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare

INTRODUCTION: Increasing smartphones access has allowed for increasing development and use of smart phone applications (apps). Mobile health interventions have previously relied on voice or text-based short message services (SMS), however, the increasing availability and ease of use of apps has allowed for significant growth of smartphone apps that can be used for health behaviour change. This review considers the current body of knowledge relating to the evaluation of apps for health behaviour change.

McKay, Fiona H.
Cheng, Christina
Wright, Annemarie
Shill, Jane
Stephens, Hugh
Uccellini, Mary
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