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Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine

OBJECTIVE: To observe the protective effects of safflor Injection (SI) and extract of Ginkgo biloba (EGB) on lung ischemia-reperfusion injury (LIRI) and investigate its mechanism. METHODS: In vivo rabbit model of LIRI was reconstructed. Forty rabbits were randomly and equally divided into four groups: sham-operation group (sham group), ischemia-reperfusion group (model group), ischemia-reperfusion plus SI group (safflor group) and ischemia-reperfusion plus EGB injection group (EGB group).

Tian, Xiao-xi
Wang, Bo-liang
Cao, Yi-zhan
Zhong, Yue-xia
Tu, Yan-yang
Xiao, Jian-bo
He, Qian-feng
Zhai, Li-na
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PloS One

Despite considerable efficacy of arsenic trioxide (As2O3) in acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL) treatment, other non-APL leukemias, such as chronic myeloid leukemia (CML), are less sensitive to As2O3 treatment. However, the underlying mechanism is not well understood. Here we show that relative As2O3-resistant K562 cells have significantly lower ROS levels than As2O3-sensitive NB4 cells. We compared the expression of several antioxidant enzymes in these two cell lines and found that peroxiredoxin 1/2/6 and catalase are expressed at high levels in K562 cells.

Song, Li-Li
Tu, Yao-Yao
Xia, Li
Wang, Wei-Wei
Wei, Wei
Ma, Chun-Min
Wen, Dong-Hua
Lei, Hu
Xu, Han-Zhang
Wu, Ying-Li
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High-speed capillary electrophoresis (CE) enables the simple, rapid, and inexpensive analysis of large sets of chiral samples in the pharmaceutical industry. Hence, we developed a novel method for separating enantiomers of d,L-phenothiazines simply and rapidly, based on using poly(diallyldimethylammonium chloride) (PDDAC) as an additive and hydroxypropyl-?-cyclodextrin (Hp-?-CD) as a chiral selector in capillary electrophoresis. Adding 0.9% PDDAC to the background electrolyte generated a stable, high, and reversed electroosmotic flow (EOF).

Yu, Po-Lin
Tu, Yi-Yi
Hsieh, Ming-Mu
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Journal of the Formosan Medical Association = Taiwan Yi Zhi

BACKGROUND/PURPOSE: Chlorhexidine (CHX) is a type of chemical antiseptic that is widely used in dental practice. Stem cells from human exfoliated deciduous teeth (SHED) are multipotent cells. However, there is little knowledge about the effects of chlorhexidine on SHED cells. The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of CHX on SHED. METHODS: SHED cells were treated with 0.1%, 0.01%, 0.001%, and 0.0001% CHX for 10 seconds to test the effects of different concentrations of CHX on SHED cells.

Tu, Yuan-Yu
Yang, Chien-Ying
Chen, Rung-Shu
Chen, Min-Huey
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A rapid, simple and sensitive method for the detection of piperazinyl phenothiazine drugs using dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction (DLLME) combined with field-amplified sample stacking (FASS) in capillary electrophoresis was developed. Sensitivity parameters that affect the extraction and FASS efficiency, such as the type and volume of disperser solvent, extraction time, addition of salt, and efficiency of FASS, were investigated and optimized. Note that the conductivity ratio between BGE and sample zone was measured to be 2300.

Tu, Yi-Yi
Hsieh, Ming-Mu
Chang, Sarah Y.
Publication Title: 
Nature Medicine
Tu, Youyou


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