Ultrasonography, Prenatal

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Complementary Therapies in Medicine

OBJECTIVE: A systematic review of studies assessing the effectiveness of acupuncture-type interventions (moxibustion, acupuncture, or electro-acupuncture) on acupuncture point BL 67 to correct breech presentation compared to expectant management, based on controlled trials. DATA SOURCES: Articles published from 1980 to May 2007 in databases of Medline, EMBASE, the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials, AMED, NCCAM, Midirs and reference lists.

van den Berg, Ineke
Bosch, Johanna L.
Jacobs, Ben
Bouman, Irene
Duvekot, Johannes J.
Hunink, M. G. Myriam
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Methods in Molecular Biology (Clifton, N.J.)

Intrauterine gene therapy (IUGT) potentially enables the treatment and possible cure of monogenic -diseases that cause severe fetal damage. The main benefits of this approach will be the ability to correct the disorder before the onset of irreversible pathology and inducing central immune tolerance to the vector and transgene if treatment is instituted in early gestation.

Mattar, Citra N.
Biswas, Arijit
Choolani, Mahesh
Chan, Jerry K. Y.
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BMC pregnancy and childbirth

BACKGROUND: According to the Office for National Statistics, approximately a quarter of women giving birth in England and Wales are from minority ethnic groups. Previous work has indicated that these women have poorer pregnancy outcomes than White women and poorer experience of maternity care, sometimes encountering stereotyping and racism. The aims of this study were to examine service use and perceptions of care in ethnic minority women from different groups compared to White women. METHODS: Secondary analysis of data from a survey of women in 2010 was undertaken.

Henderson, Jane
Gao, Haiyan
Redshaw, Maggie
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Health Technology Assessment (Winchester, England)

BACKGROUND: Congenital lower urinary tract obstruction (LUTO) is a disease associated with high perinatal mortality and childhood morbidity. Fetal vesicoamniotic shunting (VAS) bypasses the obstruction with the potential to improve outcome. OBJECTIVE: To determine the effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and patient acceptability of VAS for fetal LUTO. DESIGN: A multicentre, randomised controlled trial incorporating a prospective registry, decision-analytic health economic model and preplanned Bayesian analysis using elicited opinions.

Morris, R. K.
Malin, G. L.
Quinlan-Jones, E.
Middleton, L. J.
Diwakar, L.
Hemming, K.
Burke, D.
Daniels, J.
Denny, E.
Barton, P.
Roberts, T. E.
Khan, K. S.
Deeks, J. J.
Kilby, M. D.
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BMC medical ethics

BACKGROUND: Obstetric ultrasound has become a significant tool in obstetric practice, however, it has been argued that its increasing use may have adverse implications for women's reproductive freedom. This study aimed to explore Australian obstetricians' experiences and views of the use of obstetric ultrasound both in relation to clinical management of complicated pregnancy, and in situations where maternal and fetal health interests conflict. METHODS: A qualitative study was undertaken as part of the CROss-Country Ultrasound Study (CROCUS).

Edvardsson, Kristina
Small, Rhonda
Lalos, Ann
Persson, Margareta
Mogren, Ingrid
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