Urinary Bladder, Neurogenic

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Lancet (London, England)

The first International Consultation on Incontinence was held under the auspices of WHO in 1998. The multidisciplinary consultation covered anatomy, physiology, pathology, and the investigation and management of incontinent individuals. Because incontinence is a prevalent global disease, the consultation was mindful of the need to make its recommendations applicable in all health-care systems.

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BMJ open

INTRODUCTION: Neurogenic bladder is one of the most common complications following spinal cord injury (SCI). In China, acupuncture therapy is a common treatment for neurogenic bladder due to SCI, but its effects and safety remain uncertain. A protocol is described for a systematic review to investigate the beneficial effects and safety of acupuncture for neurogenic bladder due to SCI.

Zhang, Tao
Liu, Huilin
Liu, Zhishun
Wang, Linpeng
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Der Urologe
Diesing, U.
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La Presse Médicale
Aboulker, P.
Chertok, L.
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Journal of the American Academy of Child Psychiatry
Williams, D. T.
Singh, M.
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Southern Medical Journal

We have described a case in which the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis with findings of progressive paraplegia and a neurogenic bladder led to supravesical urinary diversion. Pyocystis led to creation of a urethrovesicovaginal fistula. Psychotherapy later uncovered hysterical conversion reaction. Which was cured with hypnotherapy. The urinary tract diversion was subsequently reversed after reconstruction of the bladder and urethra.

Frentz, G. D.
Wilcox, M. E.
Epstein, A. W.
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Experience in the use of hypnosis in complex treatment of 75 children with urological diseases at an in-patient hospital is generalized. In patients with total epispadias, exstrophy and trauma of the urinary bladder postoperative hypnotherapy helped in training and restoration of micturition as a result of which a second operative intervention was not needed. After removal of a drain which had been inserted for a long time for urethral stricture suggestions made during hypnosis allayed fear and pain during micturition and thus significantly contributed to the restoration of this act.

Shul'man, S. A.
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Presse Médicale (Paris, France: 1983)

Severe bladder dysfunction with possible consequence on the upper urinary tract caused by psychological trauma were recently identified. Hinman in 1973 was the first to report a series of 14 patients with severe abnormal bladder and bowels behaviour with organic cause. He described the most common symptoms met in this group of patients and their management using a non surgical approach based on bladder reeducation and hypnosis. Other authors such as Allen in 1977 reported a similar experience and found severe detrusor-sphincter dyssynergia.

Garignon, C.
Mure, P. Y.
Paparel, P.
Chiche, D.
Mouriquand, P.
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Complementary Therapies in Medicine

BACKGROUND: Neurogenic bladder dysfunction (NBD) is a common distressful symptom in multiple sclerosis (MS) affecting quality of life. Yoga has been widely used in treating various symptoms of patients with MS. OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the effect of integrated Yoga for NBD in patients with MS as an adjunct to standard medical care. DESIGN: This open arm, pre-post study design assessed the outcome measures at base line and after 21 days of integrated Yoga intervention.

Patil, N. J.
Nagaratna, R.
Garner, C.
Raghuram, N. V.
Crisan, R.
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Journal of Advanced Nursing

AIM: This paper is a report of a systematic review to evaluate the efficacy of reflexology in any condition. BACKGROUND: Anecdotal evidence has shown potential benefits of reflexology in a variety of health conditions. However, the efficacy of reflexology has yet to be determined. DATA SOURCES: Cochrane library, PubMed, MEDLINE, EBM review, ProQuest Medical Bundle and SCOPUS databases were searched using the following medical subject headings or key words: reflexology, foot reflexotherapy, reflexological treatment, foot massage and zone therapy.

Wang, Mei-Yeh
Tsai, Pei-Shan
Lee, Pi-Hsia
Chang, Wen-Yin
Yang, Che-Ming


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